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Wasps Control Services

Ashman Pest Control Services have been ridding the North East of pests for 10 years. We work across Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham. Experts in our field, we are specialists in bee & wasp nest removal, rodent control, rats & mice, flea, ant & insect control. We provide a professional, discreet and complete service that will remove all of those unwanted tenants.

Why are Wasps Pests?

Common Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris)
German Wasp (Vespula Germanica)

Wasps form nests in roof spaces, trees, banks, soil, and cavities. The nest is made from chewed wood (paper). Colonies of wasps only survive one winter in the United Kingdom.

Wasps tend to be more of a nuisance if the nest is close to or inside buildings or premises. A wasp sting is painful but very rarely lethal. Allergy to venom from wasp stings can occasionally cause anaphylactic shock that can be lethal. Medical attention should be sought immediately. However, wasps can be helpful to gardeners as they keep aphids and insect numbers in control as they feed on grubs and carrion (high protein) as part of their diet. Adult wasps feed on a mainly sugar diet, for example sap, fruit etc.

Egg - Larvae-Pupa-Adult
Eggs - the queen will lay thousands of eggs in hexagonal cells
Larvae - grubs develop in 4 weeks and are legless. They are fed on insects and protein (carrion)
Pupae - develop in 2 weeksAdults - workers are female and between 10 - 20mm long. The queen is about a third larger.

Wasp control

Protective clothing is highly recommended to avoid being stung. Residual sprays and dust formulations are normally used, although aerosols can also be part of the treatment of wasps. Control can be relatively easy if the nest is accessible. However, care must be taken when treating loft spaces in case bats are in residence.


1. Can you remove a wasps' nest?
Yes. Ashman Pest Control Services can remove the nest as long as it is accessible. If not it will be treated in situ. Most work can be carried out within 24 hours with a written treatment report.

2. Will I get stung if I have a wasps' nest?
Normally, if you leave the nest alone you will be okay.

3. What should I do with the wasps' nest?
Never block the entry point until treatment is complete as this can cause additional problems.