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Ants Control Services

Ashman Pest Control Services have been ridding the North East of pests for 10 years. We work across Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham. Experts in our field, we are specialists in bee & wasp nest removal, rodent control, rats & mice, flea, ant & insect control. We provide a professional, discreet and complete service that will remove all of those unwanted tenants.

Why are Ants Pests?


Ants live in soil or in association with dwellings. Ant nests are formed under paving stones, in gardens and sometimes in buildings. There is one queen per nest and young queens start new nests each year then leave the nest as flying ants. Ants may emerge in large numbers close to or inside houses as they forage for food such as seeds, sweet substances or even aphid secretions. Nests may survive for many years.

Foraging ants are not normally a health hazard and they guard aphids that damage garden plants.

Eggs - Larvae-Pupa-Adult
Eggs - Laid by queen ant
Larvae - Legless grub fed by workers, fully grown in 2-3 weeks
Pupae - Develop in 2-3 weeks, guarded by workers
Adults - Workers are dark brown/black, 3-5mm long
Queens have wings at first - 12mm long, live for several years.

Ant control

Ant control is necessary when they become a serious nuisance in buildings and entry points should be proofed with sealants. Residual sprays, dusts and aerosols may be used to kill or deter the entry of ants.


1. Can you get rid of ants?
Yes. At Ashman Pest Control Services we use either a pressurised powder or a wet formulation insecticide. A treatment report is always provided along with a guarantee for the first summer period after treatment. Free revisits are promised if they return.

2. Are ants a health hazard?
Foraging ants are a nuisance and not normally a health risk.