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Moles Control Services

Ashman Pest Control Services have been ridding the North East of pests for 10 years. We work across Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham. Experts in our field, we are specialists in bee & wasp nest removal, rodent control, rats & mice, flea, ant & insect control. We provide a professional, discreet and complete service that will remove all of those unwanted tenants.

Why are Moles Pests?

Moles (Order: Insectivora)

Molehills are the most common signs of mole activity along with raised tunnels under the lawn. Soil from a molehill could potentially fill a 5 litre bucket. To check whether moles are still present and not just passing through it is best to level the hills and see if new ones appear.

Length - 12-16cm
Weight - 70-110 grams
Eyes - small and hidden
Hair - a mole is covered in black velvety hair
Breeding season is February until June. Moles have a 4 week gestation period. The young are born blind with no fur and develop rapidly leaving the nest when 5 weeks old.

Moles are solitary animals and feed mainly on earthworms but also other invertebrates. They create two types of tunnels:

  • Deep tunnels - 5-20cm below the soil where the soil is pushed out to form molehills
  • Surface tunnels - soil is pushed up to form a ridge on the surface.

Moles make nests out of dry grass and leaves that are used for breeding and sleeping. The nest will be made in part of a deep tunnel or a large mound called a fortress.

Mole control

Damage is often serious and can be costly, whether it is on a golf course or farmland, in which livestock and horses can become lame due to uneven ground. Silage can be spoilt and unpalatable as well as a possible source of Listeriosis in sheep feed. Domestic lawns and gardens are often ruined due to tunnelling under plants, often causing wilting or death.


1. Can you get rid of moles?
Yes. Ashman Pest Control Services use traps that are placed in runs that are well marked to eradicate the problem of moles.

2. Will there be a lot of moles?
Normally one mole will have caused the damage if it is a residential garden area.

3. Do you use gas as part of the control of moles?
No. Although we have a licence to use gas, at Ashman Pest Control Services we feel trapping is the most effective method mole control. Also, gassing is indiscriminate and not environmentally friendly killing none target species including earthworms and insects.