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Rat Control Services

Ashman Pest Control Services have been ridding the North East of pests for 10 years. We work across Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham. Experts in our field, we are specialists in bee & wasp nest removal, rodent control, rats & mice, flea, ant & insect control. We provide a professional, discreet and complete service that will remove all of those unwanted tenants.

Why are Rats Pests?

Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Rats are a worldwide pest due to their ability to cause structural damage, spread life-threatening diseases and being in competition with man for food. The most common species in the British Isles is the Norway rat, also known as the Brown rat, or Sewer rat.

Commensal rodents (rats and mice) are generally considered pests because of their adverse affects on the human population. For example, they have the ability to transmit disease to man and livestock, as well as the financial damage they can cause to buildings and foodstuff.Rats can transmit diseases that can be fatal such as Weil disease. Rats are also carriers of bacteria, such as the potentially fatal Salmonella bacteria, parasites and worms.Damage to buildings can be costly due to their gnawing which may lead to fires being easily started as well as the cause of electrical failure. Foundations to buildings and drainage systems can also be damaged due to their excavations.

Adult weight - approximately 300 grams
Length (Body) - 200-300mm
Length (Tail) - 150-200mm
Eyes - small, poor eyesight, colour blind
Hearing - excellent
Feeding - omnivourous, they consume up to 30 grams a day, high water content
Droppings - 20mm long, capsule shape
Life cycle - 9-18 months
Litters - 6-8 litters per year (within an hour of giving birth a female rat is ready to mate again)
Litter size - 8-10 young
Shelter - burrows are normally on sloping ground such as ditches, or under cover such as logs, pavements, tree roots. Holes are normally 70-120 mm in diameter.
Rats have a condition called Neophobic, which is a fear of new objects which makes them more suspicious than other rodents.


1. How have they gained entry into my property?
If rats are present in the loft area it is normally a sign of entry through a broken drain.

2. How long will it take to eradicate?
All treatments will have a minimum of four visits or until the treatment is finished at no extra cost. Treatment can take between 14 - 30 days.