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Pigeons Control Services

Ashman Pest Control Services have been ridding the North East of pests for 10 years. We work across Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham. Experts in our field, we are specialists in bee & wasp nest removal, rodent control, rats & mice, flea, ant & insect control. We provide a professional, discreet and complete service that will remove all of those unwanted tenants.

Why are Pigeons Pests?

Feral Pigeon (Columba Liva Var)

Feral Pigeons are descended from domesticated strains of the rock dove. Their nests are built from twigs, grass and feathers and they are usually found on ledges or in hollows, normally in or on buildings. Pigeon nests can be found in any month of the year and can be found worldwide. The most common sites are in urban areas as they are associated with man.

Length - 30-35cm
Weight - 280-560 grams
Eggs - 2 eggs are normally laid
Incubation - 18 days
Fledging - 4.5 weeks after incubation. Up to nine broods per year.

Pigeons can cause damage to food as well as fouling of buildings and machinery that can be costly to clean. This is normally were the pigeons roost or nest. Their droppings can erode surfaces of stonework and pipes and gutters can become blocked. Pigeons are transmitters of disease; some carry salmonellosis and a high proportion are infected with ornithosis (a mild form of pssittacosis).

Pigeon control

The most effective methods for controlling Feral Pigeons are normally:

Scaring devices.


1. How do I get pigeons out of my loft?
Normally shooting and proofing are the methods used to eradicate pigeons from lofts and buildings. Missing tiles may also need to be repaired.

2. Can pigeons cause damage?
Yes. Their droppings are corrosive and can damage materials, erode surfaces of stonework and pipes and gutters can become blocked. This can be costly to repair.

3. How do I stop pigeons roosting on ledges?
Normally proofing using bird point will solve this problem. Trying to resist food availability also helps to stop pigeons roosting on ledges.