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Cockroaches Control Services

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Why are Cockroaches Pests?

Cockroaches (Order: Dictyoptera)

Cockroaches are found worldwide in forests, fields and moorland and are also associated with human habitation. There are strong links with disease transmission in cockroaches that are found indoors and there is generally a powerful dislike over their presence in restaurants, kitchens, hotels and housing.


They have an incomplete metamorphosis, which means there is no larvae stage.The female cockroach produces egg cases (ootheca) that contain eggs that hatch into nymphs closely resembling the adult. Nymphs and adults are omnivorous and need drinking water or food with high water content. Cockroaches scavenge over large areas and are nocturnal.

The two main types of cockroaches in the British Isles are the German Cockroach (Blattella Germanica) and the Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientas). The Oriental Cockroach can only climb rough surfaces, where as the German Cockroach can climb smooth surfaces and this should be taken into account when surveying the infected property.

Oriental Cockroach - 17-30mm, dark brown, living average 6 months
German Cockroach - 12-15mm, yellowish brown, living average 6 months


Both species are very difficult to eradicate without professional help. The German Cockroach should be easier to eradicate due to its prompt emergence of its nymphs from the egg cases (ootheca). Wet sprays, dry powder and gel baits are the main types of treatments used.


1. Can you get rid of cockroaches?
Yes. Ashman Pest Control Services can control cockroaches but it is not a quick fix. Revisits will have to be carried out mainly due to the nymphs reaching maturity. A one off treatment will not be sufficient.

2. What do I need to do to help the control of cockroaches?
You will need to have a thorough deep clean of your property. Wash food and grease off walls and surfaces etc. Keep food areas clean. Loose cracked tiles and typical areas of shelter for the cockroaches need to be repaired and sealed.

3. Will I have to pay for every visit for the treatment of cockroaches?
No. The price will be for the full treatment including all revisits. You will receive a treatment report after every visit explaining the work carried out and when the technician needs to return.