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Grey Squirrels Control Services

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Why are Grey Squirrels Pests?

Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

The Grey Squirrel was deliberately introduced to Britain from North America by the Victorians between 1876 and 1929 as a pet. They are now found resident in most types of woodland and park areas.

The Grey Squirrel's nests are built of twigs and leaves and are called 'dreys'. Tree hollows are also used as dens for breeding and shelter.

Grey Squirrels have two breeding seasons in a year. The first litters are born between February and March. The gestation period is 45 days. Young Grey Squirrels are weaned after ten weeks old. Second litters are born in June and July leaving the nest in August and September. Litters are 3-4.

Grey Squirrels will eat a wide range of food from nuts and fruit to birds' eggs and nestlings.

Residents can have a squirrel problem by putting bird food out in their gardens.

Serious damage can occur in residential areas where Grey Squirrels will enter roof spaces, and damage cables and woodwork, potentially causing a fire hazard. They will also damage trees by gnawing and stripping bark that can kill the tree. Holes are dug in lawns and gardens to bury food.


Squirrels can be dispatched by shooting and trapping them either with a live catch trap or spring trap and poisoning. Live caught Grey Squirrels must not be released into the wild and must be disposed of humanely. Baiting (poison) can only be used outdoors between 15 March and 15 August due to tree protection. The only poison allowed by regulation is Grey Squirrel WARFARIN 0.002%w/w. Baits (poisons) used for the control of rats and mice are not allowed.


1. Can you release Grey Squirrels somewhere else?
No. They must be dispatched of humanely. Grey Squirrels are not an indigenous species of the British Isles and are taking over the smaller Red Squirrel territory.

2. Are Grey Squirrels hard to catch?
Generally, they are a very inquisitive species, so are easier to catch than rats, as they are not neophobic (fear of new objects).

3. How have Grey Squirrels got into my loft?
Most of the time they will have entered through a weak point in the roof under a loose tile or the fascia.